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October 20, 2006

Do the French blog arrogantly?



October 20, 2006

I’ve got my reasons mind you.

I’ve been battling a ‘medical condition’ of late that I still haven’t overcome.

Back in June, cashed up with my tax return cheque, I hit the local pub scene with the sole purpose of getting laid.
Wasn’t after a conversation.
Wasn’t after a second helping.
And definitely wasn’t after breakfast.

So anyhoo, I hook up with this maddy named Veronica Stetson. But to protect her identity let’s call her Back Alley Sally (BAS). BAS is clearly out on the chase also and is more than good to go which is a huge bonus cos I really couldn’t be bothered getting her and me all lagered up for the event.

Bless her heart BAS was as keen as she was mad and we soon found ourselves in the back of my work van where she exploded quicker than you can say North Korea. About twenty or so minutes in though things start taking a ‘turn’.

“I wanna whip you”, BAS screams.

“WHAT!?!?”, I reply suddenly frightened.

“I wanna whip you. It really gets me off”, she yells.

And with that she rips off the radio antenna from my van and starts whacking my arse like there is no tomorrow.

Well there was a tomorrow.
And my arse looked like bok choy.
Two weeks later I still couldn’t sit down so I went to see a doctor.
No sooner had I dropped my strides then the Doc just gasped in horror.

“Is it bad Doc?” I whimpered.

“Bad?”, says the Doc, “This is the worse case of van aerial disease I’ve ever seen!”