Do the French blog arrogantly?


2 Responses to “HERE’S A THOUGHT…….”

  1. hppyheather Says:

    haha, hotrod, you DID walk in during the middle of an argue blog, and it is hilarious (at least from my perspective). check out (thats a zero there in assholes).

    we’re law students .. they started a new blog, ive had mine for a while now (just recently moved to wordpress) … and WOA. Is it bad that I find it entertaining?? Definitely read up for the drama (nothing else describes it) if you get bored!

  2. John Massie Says:

    Hey, thanks for the comment. I don’t get too many international readers, so I had to chuckle a bit when I heard someone ask what “the wave” is.

    It is done at many (I assume, American) sporting events where a group stands up, throws their arms in the air and make some type of “woooo” sound at the same time and sit down quickly. Then typically people next to them continue this on. In a huge crowd it mimicks a wave.

    It’s not the greatest video, but this is an example.

    Hope you’ll check out the blog more often. Hopefully see you around!


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